Sunday, January 3, 2010

Red Eyed Frogs make me laugh.

Last winter I went to an Art show at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts I can't remember the name of the artist that was showing but her paintings left a great impretion on me. She had a beautiful exhibit of paintings showing large green philadrendom leaves, bird of paradise, great leaves of all sorts and in the paintings were little frogs. Their little legs were hanging down, their eyes were red and even though they were not the focus of the paintings they stole the show for me.

I had to paint one of those frogs. I found a little picture for a reference and did a 8 x 10 in acrylic. He was so cute and colorful. That painting sold at the Aurora Art Show in May, 2009. A picture of it is posted in my facebook site and I guess I wasn't the only person that liked it because I had a couple others ask abut it so this winter I painted three more. Those little Red Eye Frogs make me laugh.

While looking for more reference photos for the frogs I discovered an amazing book. Rain forest by the photographer Thomas Marent. He is so obviously passionate about the rain forests of the world and his photography. His images will take your breath away so if you have an afternoon to sit and browse thru an amazing album then find this book and enjoy yourself as much as I did. Meanwhile this will give you an idea of his work.

Watch for frogs!

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  1. I will take a look at that book, Lori.
    It is amazing what catches you interest and makes you want to create. Mine interest has always been colorful fish. I have done a drawing of fish, plan to do a pastel, then an acrylic. I will post the series at some time. Keep on blogging, it is great! By the way kmhtel is Cindy. I couldn't get that to change even though I tried.