Saturday, November 17, 2012

Almost there!

We left the snowy north in Saskatchewan and are on our way to our home in southern Texas.  To me it's like driving backwards through the seasons.

We left inches of snow and - 20 Celsius temperatures, defiantly winter.

Driving through South Dakota I noticed that the snow was gone, everything seemed brown and dull.  The trees were bare of leaves and the harvested corn fields of Nebraska full of grazing cattle enjoying the leftovers.  Fall.

Yesterday I started to notice some green grass in Kansas and then in Oklahoma the trees had leaves, mostly brown but some were still green.  We stopped for the night in Denton, Texas and roses were blooming in front of the hotel.

I got an email from my wonderful neighbor, Sherry, and she says that my bougainvillea bush has grown right over my house.  I will get to see it for myself today when we finally arrive to summer.


  1. Hope you had a safe trip,have a great time in the summer.But don't forget about us that are left in the winter.Wishing you a warm fun season. g.a.s.

  2. My husband left the prairies of Saskatchewan 50 years ago to come to the US to college. He says he learned in college the difference between 20 below and 20 above and he prefers 20 above. We are now in Florida in perpetual summer and he is a "happy camper". Enjoy your holiday.