Thursday, January 21, 2010


After 14 days of living in a fog of congestion and headaches I think I am finally feeling better and am ready to get back to what ever normal was. My creative side definitely suffered while I was sick but I did manage to finish two paintings and am working on a third. I have learned that when you are a creative person you have no choice, you have to be creating something. If I'm not creating I become cranky, miserable and even depressed but I can change the way I feel just by getting my paints out and pushing them around on a canvas.

This morning I am drinking from my new coffee cup and it reminds me to be creative. Written on the cup is this: Create joy, create happiness and create the life you imagine. I'm going to drink my coffee from this cup every morning and be thankful that I don't have to be stuck behind a desk trying to please someone else. I don't have to go to meetings every monday and make up some excuse about why I didn't make 45 cold calls last week. I'm going to drink my coffee every morning and know that I have made the best life for me and I don't have to please anyone else.

I am a creative person and I live the life I imagined.

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