Saturday, January 2, 2010

G-mabee Art's first Blog post ever

It's 2010, what a great number. Twenty ten sounds so smooth. Will the year also be?

Like I said in the title this is my first blog posting as G-mabee Art. I have been making art for a life time so that is not new to me but blogging is. You will have to be patient with me as I get my head around writing my thoughts down here for everyone to see. I hope not to bore you.

Where do I want to start?
Maybe a little history.

I currently live in 2 places. During the summer I live in the wide open prairie of southern Saskatchewan. Im surrounded by fields of canola, wheat, barley or maybe even peas or lentils depending on what is in rotation for that particular year. The skys are huge, they fill your eyes. I had a family of fox living under one of the old grain bins in my yard this past summer, a robin made a nest on my deck and a friendly moose came to visit my garden a few times as well. That was pretty much my only company all summer. Come November I head south, a snow bird. I am the youngest resident, at 48 in a 55+ retirement park in Texas. My partner and I moved here in 2007. It's been great fun. I look forward to getting away from Saskatchewan winters, seeing my winter friends and neighbours and doing lots and lots of painting.


  1. Hey Lori,
    What a great idea! I think blogging is fun and it helps you keep in touch with what is happening with your friends. Keep it up. I wil be a follower!

  2. Hi Lori - this is just one more neat thing you have done in your busy, creative life. I enjoyed seeing the blog but still wonder how to get this posted - I'll learn soon! da