Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Car Art

We are heading back to our home in Saskatchewan from our home in Brownsville so I'm trying to write this with my tablet in the truck while driving.

I surround myself self with things to do so I dont get too bored.

We have driven this trip over a dozen times so looking at the scenery just doesn't cut it anymore.

Instead I pack reading, drawing, painting and even a few computer games.

Drawing zendoodles is pretty impossible, the road is too bumpy but I can messy draw and messy paint.  I came up with the name car art to discribe what I do.

I have a wonderful little Koi watercolour set and a water brush. Add a Strathmore watercolor journal and I'm set.

No mistakes, no worries how things turn out. Just put down colours, let my mind wonder as we make our way back north.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ornation Creation

Cover PhotoAbout a year ago I stumbled on to the Facebook page of Ben Kwok who started Ornation Creation.   Ben is a talented and generous artist.  He draws outlines or templates of animals, birds or buildings and posts them for the rest of us to fill in with our doodles or to paint or colour. 

I watched his site for a long time admiring all the wonderful creations people were posting and now have finally done a few myself.