Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Donwest Flea Market

We drove up the valley on Sunday. To my Non-Texas followers that means we drove west from Brownsville along the Rio Grande river valley and went to the flea market in between the towns of Donna and Weslaco. This flea market, like many all over the country was full of great stuff. Some would call it a treasure hunters paradise. Some call it old junk, but isn't it the absolute best form of recycling?

There were beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables and I loaded up with peppers, squash, radishes and tomatoes, but the best buy was B's. He is my loving partner and recycler extraordinaire and he found tires for his old golf cart.

Now this is a recycle story of the best sort.

B found an old Harley Davidson 3 wheel golf cart in the Sherwood Forest near Regina, Sask.
Elm bark beetles have nearly wiped out our elms and he was hired by the Sask. government to remove the dead and deceased trees before the beetles did any more damage.

The golf cart had obviously been there for a long time as the trees had grown in all around it. Being the kind of guy who knows a treasure when he sees one B asked the land owner if he could buy it from him. The old fellow, I'm sure, thought that B would never get that old cart out of the thick brush and since he had totally forgotten about it years ago said that he could just have it. B had to cut trees anyway so as he cut he dragged that old cart along with him. Being the recycle master that he is B put that old golf cart into his own tree row back on the farm and waited for the right time to dig it back out.

I call that tree row of his the Superstore because he can always find just what he needs for what ever project we are working on, drags it home all dirty and covered with who knows what, but once cleaned up it always seems to work and has saved us a lot of trips to town and a lot of money.

The right time, I guess, was this fall because he dragged it up into our utility trailer and we hauled it all the way down here to Texas.
I won't get into the situation at the border crossing.

It sat on our driveway here for a month, still dirty from Sherwood forest upteen years ago. 3 flat tires, old, scared and defiantly an eye sore, in my opinion, but I guess he was making his plan because he started puttering on that darn thing a couple days ago and since it keeps him busy while I get to indulge in my favorite pass time ( painting) I don't mind.

I have to admit that it is looking a whole lot better. It still has a long way to go. It will need a paint job and from what I hear that may be something never before seen on a golf cart, but I'm starting to see the potential and since the whole thing only cost him about $100.00 for batteries and tires and it is a great way to recycle I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

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  1. Congrats on the new blog. Your paintings really lovely, my faves being the beachy scenes.

    And this salvaged cart story is too much. You should post some pics when it's all together. Are you gonna do a custom, tricked-out paint job? It could be cool!!