Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I thought it was going to be a great day today.  I woke up beside the man I love, went to my computer and saw today's Letter Love lesson and it was all about hearts, pink, red and finding as many ways to letter the word Love as I could.  I'm loving these lessons.

Then I had to go to a meeting and there was not much love in that room.  After it was over I felt like I had been run over by a truck, or at least a golf cart.  I guess I am just not cut out for the "politics" nor do I ever intend to love it like some people do.  I think there are many that thrive on it but that will never be me.  
I felt kinda crappy for a while, then I came here to my "creative space"  did some drawing, painted a little and had a great time looking at all the beautiful art that my fellow students are doing. And you know what?  I feel great again!  
I hope that you have a place or a thing that makes you as happy as my art makes me. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lesson seven

It's day 7 of 28 days of learning lettering with Joanne Sharpe and her on-line course called Letter Love 101.

I signed up for the class because I wanted to be able to put all the wonderful quotes that I read on facebook and Pinterest and incorporate them  into my art work some how.  The class has been great and if you have time and 35 bucks it's worth every penny.  The class is cheap enough.... but I think I'm going to have a couple hundred dollars worth of great new art supplies when I'm all done.  Is there any such thing as too many supplies?  Nope!

Joanne has a great way of presenting the lessons and a fun and friendly attitude about the class.  She also made sure that her students can get feedback from her and each other.  Maybe there are tons of on-line classes and many are good but this is the first one that I have ever taken and it's a great one.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ready to Love Letter Love

I have signed up for the month long lettering class called Letter Love 101 by Joanne Sharpe and today's assignment was to prepare a book for the class.  I bought 2 Composition books from Office Depot for a couple bucks and decorated them with some card stock, fabric and zebra print duct tape.  Then we were asked to go through the book and glue 2 pages together until the book was full.  I messed up a couple of times and ended up with three pages glued together so I guess I can save those pages for really intense creations.  There is still lots of room on the book covers for more doodling but I want to keep working on them during the month.  It will be interesting to compare the pictures then and now!

I'm pretty pumped about this class.  My hand writing has never been my strong suit so I have always shied away from anything that required me to do any lettering, well, unless I had lots and lots of time, a ruler, pencil and 3 or 4 erasers.  So this class will really be pushing me out of my comfort zone but I think, well hope, that all the line weaving and tangle patterns that I have been doing the past 6 months will help me with control over the pens, pencils, Copics, Sharpies, Tombows, white out pens, watercolor paint,.  The supply list is pretty long.  Lucky I have lots of Art supplies!!

I will try to keep posts of my work up on this blog and on Lori Bradford's Art on facebook.