Thursday, June 2, 2016

I'm giving away a hand stitched art journal

A couple weeks ago I saw the most adorable journal cover on Pinterest and had to find who made it.

                                                                 It was Teesha Moore.
                                                   Here is an example of the Art she does.

I realize that she has been around the Creative current for ages and I remember seeing her art before and thinking "weird!!" in a wonderful way.

                                This time it was her hand quilting that really caught my eye .   
                     She made bags and book covers with her little patches.
Im not even sure if this is an actual Teesha Moore but you can see the style that caught my attention.

Messy and irregular, covered with a wild assortment of beads and buttons, even keys were sewn on in places.  I loved it and started looking for more examples.  

Teesha has been kind enough to make some YouTube tutorial videos. 

 I watched as many as I could so I could learn how to make my own 
funky quilt patchwork something or other.  

Then I started cutting and sewing and hand stitching and attempting to piece together all my little patches. It took me 2 weeks.  I poked my finger with my needle so often that it has no feeling in the very tip anymore.  

When I was done I had a big pile of little patchy quilt pieces.  
I decided to make some art journals and had enough for 3 journal covers.

I added a signature of mixed media paper and stitched it into the journal cover.

 I don't need to keep them all so I  have decided to share one of my home made art journals with you.  

So if you would like the chance to win my Teesha Moore Inspired Art Journal then this is what you have to do.
Send me some love!  Leave me some comments and visit my sites.

You can leave a comment on my blog (1) , 
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I will add your name into the draw for each comment and like. 

 That means your name can go into the draw 4 times!

Easy, right!  

I will draw the winner on June 21th, 2016.  That should give you lots of time.