Friday, January 29, 2016

Mixed Media Art Prompts

I saw a great Idea the other day, maybe on Pinterest, I can't remember, but thought I would try it.

It's a Mixed Media Idea Prompt set of cards. 

I started by going through the trash.  Yes I did. 

We had been clothing shopping and I had cut off and tossed all the tags.  They are all different shapes and usually really stiff paper.  When I ran out of tags I cut up a cereal box.

I laid the cardboard all out and coated them with gesso. 

Black gesso in this case, only because it was sitting on my table and I seem to have a couple bottles of the stuff and hardly ever use it. 
I brushed a coat on one side, let it dry and then the other side got painted as well.

Magazine pictures, washi tape, random little bits and pieces of  this and that.   

I found all kinds of left overs so they got glued down on the cards.  It was a great way to use up a few things.

I brushed some white paint on a few cards.

I used stamps and stickers, brads, beads and ribbons.

I tore paper, cut out faces, stamped words and smeared on some more paint.

I added some doodles with paint pens and honestly just had a grand ole time mucking about on the cards.

Anything goes!

 Next I made a list of all the ways I could add a little something to a mixed media piece including some that I had just done.

  The idea of this was to break out of the same old rut.   

I typed the list out and cut the prompts into strips. 

 I used gel medium to adhere them to the decorated cards. 

Finally a hole punch in the top and I put them all on a book ring. 

Now if I get stuck and can't decide what to do next I will pick a card or two at random and let them lead me to my next step.

Here is a list of my Mixed Media Prompts.

make a spiral and fill it with words
sew on a button or two
fill a space with a message
draw a poppy and paint it red
stamp with bubble wrap
add a map
make a new foam stamp and use it
add a dragonfly
add music notes
use a red paint pen
draw hearts with wings
use a black sharpie
draw a bird on a branch
add a music sheet
stamp on a butterfly
draw a mushroom
paint out the negative space
stitch on the page
add a flower
make a new hot glue stencil and use it
layer on a tea bag
add some metallic
draw a dandelion in seed
layer on simple flowers drawn on vintage paper
use a white paint pen
draw a zentangle pattern
stamp over a stencil
add a tag with a brad
write on tissue paper and glue it upside down
stamp wings
sew on some beads
blow ink around with a straw
stencil on some alphabets

Have you got any more to add?  Tell me and maybe I will make some more cards!

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