Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm Certified!

For the past two days I have been immersed in Copic Markers.  Up to my elbows in VB000's, R25's, B12's and the other 341 colors.  I colored and shaded and learned how to air brush.  I can mix colors for the perfect skin tone, add the perfect highlights and shadows to a bouquet of flowers and mix the hard to work with reds to make a perfectly colored Santa Claus.  I learned everything you could possibly want to know about how Copic alcohol ink pens work and why they are so popular among papercrafters and illustrators.

I got to meet some very enthusiastic ladies, most of which were stampers or scrapbookers, something I know almost nothing about but they take very seriously.  After seeing samples of their finished pieces and how hard they work to put together their pages I understand that craft a whole lot more as well.

I now can put my new found knowledge to work on my own drawings and have another option for coloring in my lettering.  All that remains is for my order of pens to arrive.

Hurry up Mailman, before I forget everything I learned!


  1. Lori, how exciting.....i have been wanting to do this as well. I have to find one close to me i can't wait to see how much more incredible your work is going to be using the copics....cause it's already amazing!(ok, you so need to frame your certificates and hang them on the wall of your studio space- you know like dr's and lawyers hang their shingles....too funny!!!) love your blog! just joined. yay! can't wait for color love!!! enjoy your lovely 3 homes and all that fabulous inspiration! how FUN!

    1. Thanks for joining my blog! It's a work in progress but I love doing it. You can bet that those certificates will be proudly hung on my studio wall...if there was any room left!

  2. Lori, congratulations!! I am sure that it was an intensive learning experience. I just missed the certification class in my area. So I will look forward to getting my certification in 2013.

  3. Congrats, Lori!! I bow to you for learning this!! I want to learn all about copics, but alas, there are no classes in my area :( I can't wait to see your new copic creations!!

  4. Hi Lori

    It was great to meet you at the COPIC class. I'm hoping to get to Bazaart (there's a big billboard advertising it on Albert St and the lunch room at my work overlooks the sign so I am reminded daily of the date!) I'll be sure to stop by and say hi!


  5. Lori, you did it. Congratulations. I want to take the Certification classes, however, I have been told I already know a lot about Copics and it would be a waste. Maybe it depends on who teaches the class. As we find out by taking Joanne's classes, there is always something new that you pick up.
    So, that is one of my goals after I retire. It is good to dream.