Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Time to go, again!

Well, tomorrow, if nothings go wrong, and it's been going wrong a lot lately, My farmer and I should be headed to our little "grainery with windows"  aka. our cabin.  We will be there until we have to come home to harvest.  We are planning to move there permanently next spring so that means packing up the farm and moving it 4 hours north.  After the farm auction I will be changing My Farmer's name to My Sawyer as we plan on operating a small saw mill in our "retirement".  

Today we loaded our semi tractor trailer with lumber, insulation, the mower, a back hoe,  and 2 - 4 by 8 foot and 32" high already planted garden boxes. I will let you know if the veggies make the trip, I'm not holding my breath but nothing ventured nothing gained!

The most important thing I packed today was my Art supplies.  Like I said in the last blog, they go where I go and I have them all nicely tucked into a smallish cart, organized and ready to get back to my Color Love lessons once I get those garden boxes situated in a sunny spot.

I will send you a picture once I have my Stu Dee O set up again!  
Catch you later!


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  2. Well Lori, I am glad to hear you are off on another adventure. Your life is certainly a whirlwind of change and creative challenges. I am sure you and Paul Bunyan will have lots of interesting tales for your Blog.