Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Message

It's a quiet day. I cleaned up my studio/spare room/ office space yesterday and it looks nice so I'm not in a hurry to mess it up right now. I organized my craft supplies with an assortment of plastic salad containers. You know the ones you buy with "spring mix" or "baby spinach" in. Well they make great places to stash all my stuff. I can see into them and they stack really nice one on top of the other. I should make cute stickers on the front telling what's in each of them, I'm sure Martha Stewart has a template for that. She has one for everything else.

Since getting to Texas I have been keeping busy crafting and drawing. I took a pottery class at the South Padre Island Art Space and made a bird house using a slab roller. I would love to do more pottery but without handy access to a kiln it's something I will have to save for special occasions. I'm heading back to the SPI Art Space on the 6th of Jan to learn how to make a scarf by felting on netting. Sounds interesting and I know nothing about felting so will be a great learning experience for me.

I also lead a fun Arts and Crafts group in the community I live in. We meet every Wednesday morning and I try to come up with something interesting to do with the group. We started by learning some tangle pattern drawing and then got a little Christmas spirit going by making a felt wine bottle cover and then recycled advertising fliers into a little table top tree. I have 12 more Wednesdays to teach so will be busy looking for other interesting arts and crafts to do.

I'm pretty pleased with how my drawing is progressing. My "Zentangle" obsession has continued and expanded. I am trying to incorporate the tangle patterns into actual drawings and so far am really pleased with the results. Palm trees, sea turtles and tropical fish have joined the snowmen, ornaments and pine trees in my portfolio and everyone of them is decorated with swirls, bubbles, dots and crosshatches.

My winter of crafting is going great and I have lots of ideas for future projects. Living here in Brownsville, close to all the hobby shops really helps but I'm also having fun shopping on line for art supplies. I don't have those options back home in Saskatchewan during the summer so I plan to make the most of it. I will try to keep you posted as the winter moves to spring and if you have any ideas for my classes of for something you would like to see drawn up and tangled then leave a comment.

I would like to wish you the very Merriest of Christmas's. I hope that you are surrounded by family and friends, get at least one of the things you asked Santa for, eat lots, drink a little less than you eat and find peace and fulfillment this holiday season.


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