Friday, January 18, 2013

Creative Juices

I have really settled into my lovely crafting and painting space and finally have something I think is worthy of showing you.

 I try to do some painting every morning and right now that morning time is stretching into afternoon and evening as well. 

Hey, when the mood hits I need to go with it cause it won't last for ever and I want to allow that creative juice to flow through my body and out of my paint brush just as long as it wants to. 

 I started out with a graphite sketch of some mushrooms and some lines that later became the grasses and ferns.  Then I added a wash of watercolor and in this case used my Dick Blick liquid water colors and a water brush.

 Next came come pen lines.  I gave the ferns and leaves some substance and myself some kind of idea where things were going to go.  I used Copic Multiliner SP because it is water proof so won't care if I paint over it.

If you look close you can see I put down a little masking fluid.  I am not careful enough to leave the highlights on my watercolors so it comes in handy.

 Now I have started to add some color to the mushrooms.  I used Tombow watercolor markers and a water brush to set down the basic color then went  over them again and again adding layers of color with all kinds of other mediums.  I used more liquid watercolor, some Inktense pencils, Dylusions sprays, an old set of Prang, even some Sakura pens, basically pulled out my stash and had at it.

The final step was to add all the tangle patterns, doodles and swirls, lots of dots too. 
I worked on four paintings at the same time.  That allows me to let one dry enough before going over it again and not drag my arm through the paint, smearing it and making a mess.  It also gives me a series of paintings that are all similar in color and style.

                                       So here is a little show of the paintings I just finished.


  1. I just love these. Reminds me of a book I read when small of fairies and gnomes hiding in amongst the shrooms. Thank you so much for sharing Lori! Heather

  2. like them,like them,LOVE THEM!!!!!!!
    great works of art as always. g.a.s.

    1. there is a pattern in these that I call my GAS grass, did you notice it?

  3. Like, like, like..... Love, love, L-O-V-E this beautiful works of art!!!!!

  4. Lori, thank you so much for sharing your process. These are absolutely gorgeous. I love the rich color you have achieved and your patterns are lovely!

  5. Hi Lori, you always inspire me with your beautiful art work so I have awarded you with a blog award. You can find out the details on my blog post for today at Hugs!