Saturday, February 20, 2010

A forced break from painting

Since my last posting I have finished 6 paintings and started 5 more. Almost all are from photos I took while at the beach at Boca Chica. This is the first time I have taken a subject and explored it in so many ways but while watching my mom, aunt and cousin picking shells I was inspired and wanted to get all the ideas floating around in my head down on canvas before something else interfered. Figuring out water relections was a fun challenge.

My painting seems to happen in fits and starts with days, weeks or in the case this winter months going by when nothing can stop me and I paint or plan a painting every day. One painting leads to another and another. I push my own limits and work out all kinds of problems. I guess that would be what artists ultimately strive for, to be in the zone, happily creating with few or no distractions. Then along comes life and we need to take a break.

I am on a little break right now. Nothing serious but when you live in the semi tropics during the winter months you have to expect some company and I am pleased to have some of our family here visiting from Canada. Since my studio is also the guest bedroom I have tidied up my paints, moved the stack of finished canvas's out and cleaned off my work station.

I think this break will be exactly what I need. When I get my studio back it will be clean and I will be refreshed as well as anxious to get back to work. Maybe those half finished painting will have worked themselves out in my head. Meanwhile I have my camera and hope to get lots of inspiration for my next painting marathon.

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