Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to paint again, but can I?

I put my paints away way back in February to make room in our little home for some company that was staying for 2 weeks, then when they left I didn't paint again sighting the reason that more company was arriving in 2 more weeks and I would just have to put it all away again. Well that company has now left and I have 16 days until my girl friend shows up and will need my studio space for her bedroom.

This blog is supposed to be about my painting and how my days are set up to encourage and inspire my creative journey. What happens when you can't find the time, or is finding the time not really the problem but not being disciplined more of the problem. I have read how an artist must paint every day, preferably at the same time and with no distractions. Visions of the solitary painter, surrounded by stacked canvas and dirty palettes and brushes, feverishly painting away and growling at everyone who comes to visit come to mind. Do I want to become like that, I don't think so, so how does one find a balance? How can you be creative everyday and still live in a social community, interact with friends, spend time with your spouse and be a part of the community?

I made up my mind yesterday to set out my supplies again and not to worry about having to put them all away in a few days but to just get started and not worry about stopping again. Then I had a terrible thought. What if I can't paint anymore? What if I sit down and have forgotten everything I have learned and just can't make it happen again. Restarting is so tough and I put myself through this agony way to often. I want to know how others handle this. I can't be the only one with this dilemma. Any advice?

It may take a few canvass to get back into the grove and I may have to toss out those canvass when I'm done but I think the thing to do is to just start. Putting it off isn't going to make it any easier. So here goes, I will squeeze out some color, go look for my favorite brushes because now they are all mixed up with my not so favorite ones and just see what happens.

I really hope that I can get my brushes to do what I want them to do. I want to disappear into a painting, let my music and the paint flow through me onto the canvas and reappear some hours later with a nearly finished picture. My coffee will be cold, I will be stiff from sitting so still for to long but the part of me that needs to be creative will be happy again.

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