Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Heart Your Art

A month or so ago I entered my name in a contest for a set of Inktense.  I Won!  WooHoo they picked me and I was so thrilled. 

The set arrived in the mail and it looks so amazing all lined up in it's tin container that I am having a hard time taking them out and using them.  The possibilities inside that tin are endless!  There are so many pieces of art just waiting to be made. 

Thank You Natalie at Heart Your Art.

I thought I would share the web page with you all and let you know that there is another contest running right now for a set of Gelatos.  Enter, You may be as lucky as I was.

And the winner of the Inktense Set is….

I can’t work out if this post is my most or least favourite one to write – I’m super happy because we’re announcing the winner of our Inktense competition; but at the same time I’m super sad because we only have one to give away, and we know how many people are itching to get their hands on these babies!
Never mind – there will be another new competition next month, so if you didn’t win, there are plenty more chances :)
The winner, drawn by from over 200 entries, is lori.bradford – Congratulations!   As soon as we hear from you with your address, we’ll be sending out your pack.   We can’t wait to see what you do with them, and hope you love them as much as we do :)
In the meantime, please keep sharing. If you have examples of how you’ve used these products (or any really!), we’d love to hear about it!
With love.
Creative Heartist @ Heart Your Art


  1. Thank you for picking me! Thank you for supporting Art and Artists. I look forward to creating some wonderful Artfulness with my New Inktense set and I am planning on sharing them with my friends and students. Again, Thanks, Lori.

Natalie asked if I would do an Artist interview and I agreed.  I thought I would share my questions and answers with you here as well. 

Thanks so much for helping out with our artist interview :)

The questions are below, if you are ok to complete and send back.

Would be great to also get 2-3 good quality images of your gorgeous art work that we could include with the post.

Thanks again,


(PS - no hurry!)

1.   Which one word or phrase would you pick to sum up your artistic style?

 Colorful.  I work in all kinds of styles while I'm looking for my own artist voice  I use many different mediums and try all kinds of different art forms but the one constant is the bright colors in my work. 

I remember going to a watercolour class and the instructor told us to take out our burnt umber and sienna.  I didn't have those colours, my paints were crimson, turquoise and green gold.


2.                  What is the one thing that keeps you going as an artist?
I don’t think I could stop even if I wanted to.  Being creative has been the one constant in my life.  It is my therapy, my relaxation, my happy place.  I try to do it every day even if it's just a doodle of my morning coffee cup.


3.                  What do you think is the single biggest reason people give up on their artistic dreams?

I get sad just thinking of having to give up on any dreams, especially artistic ones.  I guess for some, life gets in the way but I have always managed to arrange my life to incorporate my creative dreams.

My  dream is pretty simple, have an inspiring space to create in and share my ideas with as many people as I can.

 The only way I'm going to stop reaching for my goal is if I run out of time but I'm only 54 so have half my life ahead of me. ;-)


4.                  Describe your happiest artistic memory?

 I have very happy memories of working with my mom and daughters in my craft shop way back in the 80's. That was a special time for me.

Just a few weeks ago a lady approached me and said she had taken one of my classes and wanted to tell me that it changed her life, she said that she never would have believed that she had any talent for painting and drawing but she found it in my class and has not stopped since.  Now that was a happy memory and made me tear up as she hugged and thanked me.  What could be better than that?

5.                  What is the one piece of art-related advice would you like to send to your ten-year-old self?

 Don't be afraid to fail, not even a few times.  Keep practicing, work at it and never give up.  I guess that is more than one piece of advice to 10 year old me, but I sure could have used all of that back then.

6.                  If you could visit inside the head and heart of one artist, living or dead, who would it be? (and why?)

Emily Carr.  She was a Canadian woman painter at the turn of the last century.    She became famous for her paintings of the native villages and totem poles of the west coast of Canada often travelling by boat to the remote Queen Charlotte Islands.  She was a independent woman in a time when that was considered very improper.

A few years ago I took myself to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to visit her museum and see her paintings.

7.                  If you could pick one activity that you think all artists should place on their bucket list, what would it be?

 I think it's important to make connections with other artists so my bucket list includes travelling as much as I can to either see their paintings if the artists are dead or meeting as many artists as I can while we are all still here.  When I can't travel I use the internet and visit blogs, web pages and videos.


8.                  What is the one art supply you couldn’t live without?

I like to have lots of good black ink pens.  Waterproof and preferably refillable.  There is always one in my purse or pocket and by my chair, on the kitchen table, containers full of them on my studio table.  I did mention that I like lots of pens.


9.                  If you could keep only one work of art that you created, which one would it be?

The first thing that came into my head was the next one.  I love the piece as I'm working on it and for a short time after but as soon as I start the next one that becomes my favorite. 


10.              Pick one location: City, Forest, Beach, Desert, or Mountains. Why?

That's tough for me because I love both the forest and the beach and have arranged my life so I can live in both at different times of the year.  I live in northern Saskatchewan, Canada in the spring and summer months where my partner and I have 120 acres of forest and share it with all kinds of wild flowers, birds and animals. 

When fall and winter comes we head to the deep south most tip of Texas, only minutes away from the beaches of South Padre Island.

 You asked for one though so I guess I would pick forest.  There is nothing like the smell of pine and poplar trees, it's perfect for inspiring creativity.
Go check out Heart Your Art, they are a great support to artists and the chance to win some awesome art supplies is pretty fantastic as well.


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