Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Heritage Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. North East of Prince Albert.

 I was floating around on the internet one day and came across some paintings of canoes that were just fascinating to me.  I thought I had written the name of the artist down, I probably did, on a scrap of paper that immediately got lost in the pile on my office desk.  I couldn't find the name, but I remembered the art.  The pictures were so impressive that I couldn't get them out of my head and I kept looking for the artist.  I remembered it was a lady and she was Canadian but nothing else.

Serenity Camp at Heritage Lake were I hang out for a few days every summer with some amazing women.
I love the power of Google.  A few searches later I found her.  Veronica Funk is her name and the canoe painting was from a series she did called Sacred Vessels.  Im going to post a link to her web site and blog here so you can have a look at them if you like.

Like some of us do when we see art that we like, we try making it ourselves.  We study it and attempt to make something similar.

 The first time I tried drawing the canoe my friend told me it was a really strange way to draw a chicken!  I guess it did kind of look chickenish and we both had a good laugh when I told her what it was supposed to actually be. 

Here it is, in my journal. I guess the circle at the top made my friend think it was an eye. 

I tried again, a different canoe shape this time and this is what that looked like.

This time I painted on a piece of recycled cardboard.  I liked the odd shape of it and the little quote on the side were random lines that I cut out of an old paperback. 

It says "And there where water lapped at his fatigue he waded out into the water".  Nonsense words or a message about a friend's son who had committed suicide the week that I painted this?  I try not to think about those things to hard. 

Next came a bigger painting.  A canvas this time, I was getting braver I guess. 

I started adding layer after layer of paint and marks. Laid down some stencils and used lots of ink as well as acrylic paint. Then I drew the shape of the canoe and painted out the negative space with more layers of acrylics.  I hand carved feather, leaf and bear paw stamps and added those to the pictures as well.  I love the little blue feathers painted on the bow. 

There are still a couple ideas floating around in my head so I think I will add a few more canoes to my fleet. 

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