Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Day of Ever?

The calendar my son gave me to bring south is telling me that it's the 20th of December, 2012 and according to the Mayan calendar there will be no tomorrow.  I thought that was a pretty good reason to write a blog post and if this is the last one I ever do, well, thanks for reading and I hope that what ever is in store for us all, once the world ends, at least we had some great times.

We had an amazingly full year in 2012.  One daughter graduated from university, one got married, a tornado tried to blow our farm away, we put in and took off our last crops without a hitch and then auctioned away all the farm equipment. 

My former farmer and I moved all our worldly possessions into our little piece of Northern paradise near Nipawin, Saskatchewan.  We got to spend 2 very cold and snowy weeks at our cabin  in November before we left for the warmth of Winter in Brownsville.  When we get back in the spring we plan to start building our retirement home but until then we are enjoying our family and friends here. 


It doesn't always look this tidy!

Sorry that the lighting is so bad.
I have the greatest little creating space, My winter Stu-Dee-O.  For some reason I just feel so creative here.  Maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's the fact that I'm not as busy as at home or maybe it's because I have all my favorite creating things all around me where I can see them, reach them and be inspired by them. 

Meet the Queen!
I have made at least 10, maybe 12, of my cute 9 x 12 quotes.I have signed up for Letter Love 201 starting in February and I just know that all kinds of interesting and creative things are going to happen during that class.  Joanne Sharpe has a so many great ideas and is an excellent instructor. 

I have great Artist Plans for 2013.

Where ever you are this supposedly Last Day Of the World I hope that you are making the most of it.  

I'm going to go do some doodling while listening to the TV, that is my favorite thing to do in the evenings. 

I am going to go out on a limb and say that December 21, 2012 will come and go with nothing crazy happening and that we will have all the time we want to keeping making Art in 2013 and for years to come. 

Merry Christmas and may your New Year be filled with many great pens and paint brushes!


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