Monday, October 1, 2012

How to get rid of 200 paintings FAST

At the end of October, my farmer and I are going to start our Next Chapter.  He is retiring from farming and we are moving to a piece of paradise we bought a couple of years ago and now finally get to make our home.

This means one massive farm auction sale, emptying the house, barn, old school house, shop and of course my Stu Dee O.  That is a ton of packing, sorting and deciding what to take and what to leave.  

A lot of our stuff will have to be stored while we build our new house and we will be living in our old cabin while we build.  It is really little so there is no room for extras.

I have so many paintings, over 200 actually,  mostly acrylic on canvas but also some mosaics and watercolors.  

They take up so much room and I don't want to have store them while we build.  The risk of them being damaged is just too great so I would rather give them away....almost!

I have decided to have a silent auction during the farm auction and donate the proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society in honor of my family and friends that are fighting cancer or have lost their lives to this disease.     

I hope to get new homes for a lot of paintings, make room for new work and make a nice donation all at the same time.  

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  1. Oh, I hope it goes well for you. I am sure paradise doesn't include Saskatchewan...does it??? Maybe BC? Whatever, this is an exciting and nervous time and I wish you the best. There is more art to be done so I hope your current pieces find a new home.