Friday, September 28, 2012

Cute Poop Journal

I was wandering around in Lumsden, Saskatchewan the other day, a beautiful community in the Qu'Appelle Valley.  Such a pretty little town, old houses, big trees and the little river running through.

I enjoy snooping into all the quaint shops and found the Acorn, eco-boutique.  If you are interested you can see them here.
or on facebook here

Since I am always look for books that I can use as journals or play around with my art in, I was thrilled to find something that I have never seen before at the Acorn.
It's a little scratch pad made from recycled Moose Poo!  

This is what the PooPoo Paper says about their product and why they decided to make paper from Poo.
POOPOOPAPER™ products are natural, recycled and odorless (!) paper products made from poop from a variety of different fiber-eating vegetarian animals such as elephants, cows, horses, moose, pandas, and donkeys. That right! Go figure!
Here’s the scoop: these fiber-eating animals eat lots of grass and vegetation everyday and they poop almost as much. Since the digestive systems of these specific animals don’t really break down the vegetation all that well, their poop has plenty of fiber even after their meal is consumed. Knowing that fibers are the base material used in making pulp for paper production (albeit tree fibers typically), we figured there was a high probability that making pulp and quality paper from poop was not only achievable but that the case for poop as an alternative fiber source to tree-based pulp was a compelling one!
 Ok, I was compelled and had to try it as an Art Journal.  I love it!  

Do you want to see some of the little, the book is only 4 x 4 inches, sketches I have done so far?  
These are colored with my Copic's.  I had to learn to use the bleeding that this paper does to my advantage.  Once I figured it out I got better at  blending.

I see many amazing stamp patterns but I like to try to draw them myself.  These are my version of some cute little monster stamps I saw in the internet.

 Notice how much bleeding there is on the back of the page.  I think I  have to do something with all that beautiful color.  Maybe I will work my way back through all the back sides of the pages once I reach the end of the book!

On this page I put down some watercolor and then Gesso before I added the pen.  I used a Micron pen, probably a .01 and a .05

Have you seen Cindy Angiel's FREE e-book?  She has lots of ideas so check her out when you get a chance.  That is where I learned to draw these 2 little birds.  
 You will find her on her website

Well if you made it all the way down here to the end of this blog post then you are in for a little treat.
When my blog post hits reach 5000, and we are almost there, I am going to give away an Elephant Poo Paper journal.  Stay tuned! 



  1. Now talk about an intriguing post - stopped me in my tracks and I had to come check it out. I think I might have seen one of these this summer, the journal NOT the moose poop! Gorgeous work as always Lori!

  2. Who would have thought.What a great idea and great art. g.a.s.

  3. What a fantastic idea, paper from poo...and I love the little sketch book. Especially love the zentangle, with the color behind it.