Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snow makes time to sew

I left the sunny warm southern tip of Texas about 3 weeks ago and had a great drive home. We stopped and explored two wonderful unique towns along the way home, Fredericksburg, Tx and Deadwood, SD. Both are full of history and we enjoyed walking around each and soaking in the scenery.

We got home to the south east part of Saskatchewan on a beautiful sunny and warm day and were so excited to be home. Well it's the beginning of May now and it's either been raining or snowing since we were teased with those couple of nice warm days. I have to wonder why we left Texas so soon.

One good thing about crappy weather is that I get to stay inside and paint. It's to cold to mow grass or pull weeds so I have no excuses. I finished 6 of the paintings that I had started while in Brownsville. I also got working on my latest sewing project. I had this idea to turn t-shirts into handbags and had all the pieces cut out in Texas and ready to sew once I got back to Sask. where my sewing machine was waiting for me. It was a great idea and they turned out pretty good, but much tougher than I thought. I used a pretty heavy interfacing on the stretch material of the t-shirts and the lining was kinda slippery. Putting all those fabrics and textures together was a challenge. I managed to figure it out though and turned 5 t-shirts into 5 interesting looking bags.

When that project was done I went back to painting but this time I combined painting with sewing and made some hand painted shopping bags. No t-shirts this time but 100%cotton. Once I had the pattern cut out the material looked pretty boring so I got out my paints and did a little something on it. What fun! I tried painting on wet fabric, dry fabric, using pens, then indian ink with a brush.

Everyone needs reusable shopping bags, we are filling the world with plastic ones and when you see how they get caught in the trees and stay there for years, maybe decades you know you need to stop using them.

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