Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hanging a show tomorrow

The night before the night before. It's like the eve of Christmas Eve, two days left of school when you were in grade 6 and couldn't wait for summer holidays. Tomorrow I am helping to hang the Aurora Art Group's Art show and sale which will take place in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on Saturday the 8th of May. I will be one of eleven artists participating in the show.

All those paintings I did this winter and a few that I just finished will finally get seen. I can finally ask my artist friends what they think of my latest works. It's kind of late to make any changes once they are hanging in the show, but maybe I will get some good advice for my next paintings.

I paint alone, many artists do. It can be a lonely pass time. No one to discuss techniques with, to bounce ideas off or just to share the long hours with. Some artists can't create any other way but by locking themselves away for long period of solitude but I'm not one of them. I like to talk about what I'm doing and get advice or even criticism in order to feel like my paintings are really moving forward. I used to paint with many of the artists in this group but have since moved away from Prince Albert and have not found a similar group to get together and paint with. Actually now that I think about it I don't think I got near as many painting finished as I do now. hmmmm.

My partner, who's never been interesting in Art before he met me, never been to an Art Gallery before he met me and certainly has never been asked about a painting in progress and what it needs to give it that perfect final touch, has really stepped up and has become very good at helping when I'm stuck. Maybe because he isn't an artist he can see things in the work that I miss but then again he is a realist. He wants the subject in the painting to look exactly like it should look in real life. He has a little trouble with my latest paintings of cows, I made them blue.

Tomorrow I will unwrap about 30 paintings that only a very few have seen and put them out for the world, or at least for the guests of the Aurora Art show to see. A piece of myself is in each of those paintings and I had only myself, and my non artist partner, to decide if they are any good.
It will be a painful and an exhilarating day tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Lori,
    I would love to attend your show! Too bad I am so far away. I am waiting to see the pictures of the blue cows posted. We just had our student art show. It was a lot of fun. Murray and I took the abstract class. We seem to be getting a lot of paintings around here. I have even started painting over some of them. Have fun in PA!