Friday, March 4, 2016

Lessons learned

I like to keep a list of artists who's work I admire, I call these artists my Art Ancestors.  Some of them like Monet and Emily Carr, did their work a long time ago and some I have found through Facebook or their blogs so are current.

One of those current artists who I admire is Jodi Ohl.
Check out her work for yourself if you like. 

I wanted to learn some of Jodi's techniques for her mixed media paintings and the best way to do that was to take one of her classes.   I down loaded her lesson from the internet and got to work. 

I purchased a video lesson called "Tandem Techniques: 15 Mixed Media Techniques for Canvas and Art Journals" from  You can follow the link at the bottom of this blog if you want to check out the class yourself. 

I watched the video, took notes and then went out into my studio and started painting. 

Jodi taught her 15 techniques while painting feathers so that is what I painted.  When I was done I had finished five paintings. 

I took her techniques and added some of my own.  I used my own paint colours but picked those closest to Jodi's.  It is important to put your own personal style on your paintings.

This is the first one I did after the class. 

These others, and I apologize for the poor photos, were all done since the class. 

Here are a few close ups.

What a Good Artist understands
is that nothing comes from nowhere. 
All creative work builds on what comes before. 
Nothing is completely original. 
>Austin Kleon<
  Author of the book " Steal like an Artist".

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