Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inspiration Deck

I was doing a little blog hopping 2 days ago and came across an art project called an Inspiration Deck.  I had to make one.

I started with a full deck of cards and covered the number side with white gesso.  Then I let that dry.  I didn't worry about being neat but purposely made sure there were brush marks and non-gessoed spots.  The different textures added to the finished effects.
 Then I dabbed and brushed acrylic paint on the dry gesso.  I didn't worry to much about coverage or cleaning my brush but just let things happen.  That is the kind of project this is, don't worry about these steps to much, don't over think it, just let the brush and the color go where it wants to go.
I spread the cards out and splashed some water color sprays on them. Again, anything goes.

Next I sat down with a couple old magazines and started cutting out the pictures that interested me.  I tried to cut them a little smaller than the cards.  I also went through some old scraps of paper, tissue paper and some pieces of my art that I would not be sad to see cut up and reused in this project.  When I had 52 or more things I got busy and started gluing them to the front sides of the cards.  

The edges of the cards were too perfect so  I decided to mix up a little gesso with some paint and quickly brushed it down some of the edges.
I always find that some black makes everything else really pop so smooshed some black acrylic paint on some of the cards in just a few places.  

The next step was to head over to the internet and do some searching.  I wanted quotes, sayings and little messages of encouragement or helpful tips.  There is no shortage of those on-line.  I wrote the best ones down, making sure that I didn't go wider or longer than the cards with my writing.  Then I started gluing these on the cards.  This is when I discovered that some of the cards had "art" on them that I just didn't want to cover up so I picked the side that I liked the best and glued the quotes on to the other side.  The white paper looked out of place so I made some very thin watercolor washes and brushed that white away.  I also dabbed my finger into some Distress Ink and rubbed that over the edges.  

 I added some stickers, cut off the tab of some buttons and glues those on some cards, took my correction pen and did a little doodling, added some stamped images, you get the idea.  Anything goes.

I still have some cards without quotes glued on them and I think I'm  going to write directly on those with my markers or white pens.  That way more color will show and I can experiment with different pens.

So now I have 52 Inspiration cards, one for every week.  

I can toss them into a bowl and pull one out every Monday to give myself
something to think about during that week. 
I can punch a hole in the top corner and slide them onto a ring to flip through 
when I need a little inspiration or 
I can give them away.  

Want one?


  1. What a great idea.They all look amazing.Do I want one of course silly question I love your work. g.a.s.

    1. send me your mailing address and I will send you one.

  2. What a fun idea! Great convention trade idea . Use up lots scrps and stash and have lots of inspiration . I would love one.

    1. I will mail you one if you send me your address... message me in FB or email to the address above!

  3. I'm inspired!! And I actually think I might try this too!!!

    You did such beautiful work (as usual)!! I love them all! Are you going to keep them? or send them off into the world like ATC's?

  4. I think I should send them out into the world like ATC's so send me your address and I will mail you one.

  5. Hi Lori

    Remember me from COPICS and from Bazaart (I have your little birds on a wire magnet on my cabinet at work so I can look up and enjoy it!). Well... Nikki and I belong to a Stampin Up stamping group that gets together once a month to make cards and eat. So our Oct get together was a couple of nights ago and in the middle of making one of the cards, Nikki announces "Cindy, I want you to make me an Inspiration deck." To which I answered "What???" She says go to Lori's blog and look for inspiration deck and then make one for me. So here I am ....
    I've been a knitting fool this summer trying to get things made to sell at the 4 craft sales I've signed up for - yes FOUR - am I nuts? One is done and 3 more to go. I had enough jewelry made that I just had to do a few things and then I pretty much spent Aug and Sept knitting. I have some photo projects I have to get done before Oct 24 and then I might try this deck for Nikki, since she asked so nice - NOT! So will you send me one to see? 115 Aspen Pl, Regina, S4X 3B4 - I wish I could come to your auction but I am on PEI visiting my parents when the sale is happening - my grandfather was an auctioneer and I worked many sales with him when I was a teen.
    I hope it all goes well. When do you head south? If you're ever coming to Regina let me know!

    Cindy (Dorr)