Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lesson seven

It's day 7 of 28 days of learning lettering with Joanne Sharpe and her on-line course called Letter Love 101.

I signed up for the class because I wanted to be able to put all the wonderful quotes that I read on facebook and Pinterest and incorporate them  into my art work some how.  The class has been great and if you have time and 35 bucks it's worth every penny.  The class is cheap enough.... but I think I'm going to have a couple hundred dollars worth of great new art supplies when I'm all done.  Is there any such thing as too many supplies?  Nope!

Joanne has a great way of presenting the lessons and a fun and friendly attitude about the class.  She also made sure that her students can get feedback from her and each other.  Maybe there are tons of on-line classes and many are good but this is the first one that I have ever taken and it's a great one.  


  1. Your pages are lovely. I have shared you in my latest blogpost - I'm doing the letter love course too :-)

  2. I love your lettering! I think you are doing great!! I like to put quotes on my artwork too and my daughter screams at me every time! She hates it when i do that. Her dislike of it has made me start scanning in a copy of the art before i add the quote that way i have it with and without. I've never taken a class and i'm sure a lettering class is just what i would need. I'm usually fairly happy with what i turn out but i've seen some beautiful lettering out there including yours that i would love to learn how to do. Keep it up! And thanks so much for popping in on my blog! deb