Wednesday, January 4, 2012

News Year, New Art

It's been a wonderful tangled adventure these past few months, the months since I stumbled across that strange word, Zentangle, googled it and watched my monitor explode with hit after hit. I was intrigued, fascinated and inspired. I searched web sites, found patterns, drew patterns and designed tiles. I drew so much that my thumb went numb for days and I had to go see a chiropractor to put my neck back into place. I have now learned to relax while drawing, to take a few minutes to stretch and to really find the Zen in the tangling.

Then I stumbled across Joanne Fink's you tube video about Letters and Patterning and things took off for me again. This time with more drawing and adding tangle patterns to my drawings. I have also been trying to get better at lettering. Never in my life did I care to learn good hand writing but now I see it as an art form and it's got a whole new meaning to me. I bought Joanne's book "Zenspirations" and another one by Marci Donley and DeAnne Singh called "Hand Lettering". Both stay right beside me now as I learn lettering.

For Christmas Bernie bought me a set of Tombow watercolor art pens and I think I am finally ready to take everything I have learned these past months and put it into a new art form. Drawing, watercolor, ink, tangles and some inspiration from the flora and fauna around me and lets see where it will go!

I wonder if my acrylics are getting lonely?

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